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Bassingham Primary School

Enjoying Learning, Achieving Success


The Bassingham Family 


We aspire to help every child in our care to develop as a whole person, becoming confident, happy, independent, creative and adaptable; to love learning and achieve more than they ever thought possible.


The school is a family, with every member committed to high expectations, teamwork, mutual respect, support and understanding. We believe that knowing each child as an individual is at the heart of success. We aim to challenge and support all learners, in an environment where safety, warmth and trust are key values.


We want our children to be happy, have high self-esteem and develop confidence in themselves and their abilities so that they can learn to handle new situations. We want them to enjoy school, developing a questioning approach to life that will equip them for a rapidly changing world.


In addition to promoting academic excellence, we do our best to offer high-quality pastoral care. We encourage children to take pride in everything they do, which extends to their conduct out of school. 

Working in Partnership


It has long been recognised that the early stages of a child’s life are the most informative and important. You, as parents/carers, are perhaps the most influential teachers that your child will encounter. The way that your child will feel about learning and school will, to a certain extent, reflect how you feel. If you love reading, encourage them to help in the house and garden, if you play with them, talk and listen to them and give lots of positive encouragement, you are giving them a good educational start that we can then build on.


It is our responsibility and privilege to offer your child the best possible education and to this end, we are constantly striving to improve our expertise and knowledge, driving up standards. We blend the best of traditional practices with the best of modern approaches – some of which may be quite new to you – in our teaching. We are always happy to share our methods with you and encourage you to attend the occasional workshops and presentations that we hold. It is important that you know how we teach, so that you can support and extend your child’s learning effectively.


We believe that we are partners together in your child’s future and that we need to talk to, understand and respect each other. We hope that you will feel happy to come into the school and feel part of it, through a range of activities, events and meetings, so that your child will really benefit from their time with us.


“At the end of 11 years…we are sad to say ‘goodbye’ but very thankful and appreciative of all that has been done for…Our children couldn’t have been happier or have had a better start in their school careers.” Dr. and Mrs. Coffey