At Bassingham Primary School we use Inspire Maths to help us in teaching the National Curriculum for mathematics.

Inspire Maths provides a consistent approach to the teaching of maths, it has high expectations that are required for our pupils to achieve the required standard at Year 6.

The following documents are here to support parents with understanding Inspire Maths.


Inspire Brochure




Times Tables



Fractions 1

Fractions 2

Yearly Overview


English – coming soon


Cross Curricular Learning

Our school uses Cornerstones. The Cornerstones Curriculum is a broad and balanced, knowledge and skills based curriculum. It is based on a four stage pedagogy – Engage, Develop, Innovate, Express.


Hook learners in with a memorable experience.

Set the scene and provide the context for learning.

Ask questions to find out children’s interests.

Spark children’s curiosity using interesting starting points.


Teach facts and information for deeper understanding and knowledge.

Demonstrate new skills and allow time for consolidation.

Provide creative opportunities for making and doing.

Deliver reading, writing and talking across the curriculum.


Provide imaginative scenarios that encourage creative thinking.

Enable children to apply previously learned skills.

Encourage enterprise and independent thinking.

Provide opportunities for collaborative working and problem solving.


Provide environments for reflective talk.

Create opportunities for shared evaluation.

Celebrate and share children’s success.

Identify next steps for learning.

Year 1 Curriculum Map


Year 2 Curriculum Map


Year 3 Curriculum Map


Year 4 Curriculum Map


Year 5 Curriculum Map


Year 6 Curriculum Map