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Early Reading and Phonics

'Being able to read is the most important skill children will learn during their early schooling and has far reaching implications for life long confidence and wellbeing.’

(Letters and sounds: Principles and Practise of High-Quality Phonics)


What is Phonics?


Phonics is the link between letters and the sounds they make and is taught using a highly structured programme through which children are taught:


1. The relationship between letters and sounds

2. To hear separate sounds in words (segmenting)

3. To blend sounds together (oral blending)

4. To recognise and read sets of ‘tricky words’ that cannot be sounded out

5. To use all the above skills to read and write words


To help reinforce these skills, all children take home a Bug Club Phonics Book every week, as well as their regular reading book from our reading scheme. The books will include the sounds that the children are also learning in class. Please follow these useful hints and tips when reading your Bug Club Phonics Book at home with your child:


Before Reading


Say the Sounds – encourage your child to say all of the sounds they have been learning

Blend the Sounds – use the dots and dashes to practice blending your sounds together

Read the Tricky Words – can you find the tricky bit of each word and read them all?


During Reading


Listen to your child read the story and consider the following:


  • Check their understanding of new words and vocabulary

  • Ask them questions about each page to check their understanding

  • Encourage them to spot the sounds and blend them when struggling with a word

  • Remind them about the ‘tricky words’ found in the book


After Reading


Story Comprehension – check your child’s understanding of the book by asking them all of the questions

Picture Detective – can your child spot the objects that include different sounds?

Speedy Reading – return to the words on the inside cover and check your child can read them confidently


Please watch the video below of Miss Hatfield (Phonics Lead) following the above structure with one of our Year 1 pupils. 

Reading Video

Still image for this video