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Parent Feedback

Please see some of our parent feedback below regarding our Remote Learning offer in school. These positive comments have been well received by all members of the team at Bassingham Primary School. 


You were amazing. Well done for juggling this new way of learning and teaching, he has really enjoyed it and he’s asking when he can go in again! 


I start a new job soon which means he will likely be in class occasionally but whichever way you’re teaching him, online or in class, he’s loving it. 


Today though I hope you know how grateful many of us are for your fantastic efforts at juggling it all online!


Just a quick note to thank you both for all your hard work this week and in the run up. We will take a few days to bed in and find our grove, but, I am amazed and delighted at the engagement in the process from my two so far so a big thank you for your efforts.


Thank you for your amazing efforts today with the remote learning in what were obviously very difficult circumstances with everyone new to the technology and working it out.


I just wanted to let you know, we really do appreciate how incredibly difficult the current situation must be for you. And although there are a few teething problems we cannot thank you enough for the time and effort, perseverance and dedication you are showing to your class. Thank you.

Teams has gone better today than I thought.... I was panicking on the lead up of trying to support all the kids but they've all worked really hard today. Keep smiling! It can't be easy for you guys at all.


I just wanted to pass on my appreciation and thanks for the work that you and your team have put into what will no doubt have been a challenging last week or so for the school. To roll out a new system such as Microsoft Teams to every pupil at the start of term is quite a feat in itself before you consider all of the other things you’ll have on your plate right now!


I just wanted to say thank you to Mr Betts and all the staff for your hard work setting up the remote learning and putting it in place so quickly. For us it really has worked well, my daughter seems to be really enjoying it and has been doing the work as she has shown it to me! I have heard her working with friends and she seems to be keeping on task and they are helping each other which is lovely. She seems happy.


I appreciate last time there was no time to put things in place but this way of working with teams and more teacher input with a timetable is really working for my daughter. Thank you to you all for your efforts, it must be a very challenging and stressful time for teachers but I really appreciate all you are doing.



My daughter had fun doing the science experiment this afternoon. She is really enjoying online lessons. Thank you for all your hard work! You’re doing a great job with the online lessons.
Also I would just like to take this opportunity to thank the class teacher, for all her help, support, professionalism and above all else, patience with remote learning. It’s very much appreciated!
Also can I just say how great you are doing with this whole home schooling. I found the last lock down very, very hard and my daughter got behind but this time she’s really enjoying it seeing her friends has helped loads. Last of all the tutoring she’s doing is fantastic she’s really enjoying it!
Thanks for all the work you’ve arranged for Reception, it really is giving us the structure we need to our days and has kept our daughter focussed. She really engages with the Team’s sessions and loves all the arts and crafts that we’ve been doing (the paints don’t come out too often in our house otherwise!).


Just to add also my thanks for everyone’s hard work during this lockdown. My daughter has been much happier and confident completing school work and has been able to take real ownership of her work. She enjoys seeing everyone on Teams and feels contacted again to school and her friends.
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your wonderful lessons and support. Having you provide such wonderful structure to her school work has been amazing. We really appreciate all you are doing and thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  

Just a quick e-mail to say you’re all doing a great job with teams! My son loves logging on and seeing all of his friends and his teachers. 

He’s doing so well with all of his work, his maths is incredible! Today when it came up 4+6, in a matter of a second he answered 10, no counting from the screen!

He loves his craft, painting mainly! As you’re probably aware, I’m not a fan of messy craft! But the craft we are doing together is fantastic and he’s very proud of his work, loves showing daddy when he gets home.


From a parent's point of view, we feel that you are delivering excellent communication and encouragement to the children which cannot be easy delivering to both the classroom and teams each day. Simple things like saying hello to every child each morning is I know for my child making her still feel very much a part of class 3.


I wanted to say what a fantastic job I think you’re doing. We really appreciate the lengths everyone is going to to provide this work and learning for the children, it ready does make a difference. I think the online learning is definitely helping.


Thank you. She certainly has taken it in her stride, organising herself and completing the work while I teach my own teams lessons daily. I have been very impressed with the provisions and support from Bassingham Primary School, a big thank you to you and all the staff.