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School Council

Welcome to our School Council page. Here we will explain how our School Council works and keep you updated with our latest news and projects.


How Our School Council Works


Elections in each class take place to give all children an opportunity to put themselves forward to become a member of the School Council. During the election, the children give speeches and vote for the candidates. This provides the children with a greater understanding of the British value of democracy and how the political system operates in this country.


Our School Council is made up of two representatives from each class from Years 1 to 6. In the Summer Term, two representatives will join us from Reception Class too. These representatives have the responsibility of sharing the pupil voice and ideas of members of their class. Our Year 6 members have specific roles which are: Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. 


All of our representatives attend regular meetings to discuss views and ideas, creating plans and carrying out tasks. Before each meeting, an agenda is created, by our Chair and Vice-Chair, minutes are taken by our Secretary and an action plan is created, reviewed or updated by the Vice-Chair and Treasurer.  Each meeting will be run by the Chair and representatives will share the views of their class. Representatives report back to and gain feedback from their class about the areas discussed at meetings to ensure every child in school has a voice. They will also work alongside adults in school to empower the children to have a role in the decision-making processes of the school. The Treasurer will also update staff about the School Council's fundraising activities.


Our School Council's Aims


During our first meeting (21/10/21), we discussed and agreed upon the aims of our School Council. The members decided our three key aims are:


1. Ensure Bassingham Primary School is an enjoyable place to be for everyone.

2. Work together to improve our school.

3. Help the wider community.


Our School Council's Responsibilities


All of our School Council representatives have discussed and agreed to the following responsibilities:


1. Attend regular meetings and share your and your class' views and ideas.

2. Work hard as part of a team to try to carry out the actions agreed in the meetings.

3. Listen to other people's points of view even if they are different to your own.

4. Feed back to your class about what has been discussed during School Council Meetings.

5. Be a good role model to other children in school.

6. Work with adults in school to provide pupil voice to assist them in their decision-making. 

Autumn Term 1 Project - Improve Our Lunchtimes


The School Council have begun their first project to make lunchtimes even better. The School Council met with our Senior Midday Supervisor Mrs Anderson to discuss the play equipment children in school would like to have to play with during lunchtime. 


Our next steps for this project will be discussed at our upcoming meeting on 12/10/21.