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Student Wellbeing Champions

At Bassingham Primary School we work alongside Healthy Minds to develop our Student Wellbeing Champions. There are lots of things the children can do as a Student Wellbeing Champion and they will get to decide what is involved.  


The Wellbeing Champions roles and responsibilities within the school are to:


  • Help other children in the school to get support from an adult
  • Help the school to be emotionally healthy
  • To be responsible for a wellbeing board within the school that will have information about emotions and how to be emotionally healthy
  • Create and hand out the Bassingham School/Healthy Minds emotional wellbeing newsletter in the school
  • Help the school and Healthy Minds to understand what children need in order to stay emotionally healthy
  • Be involved in emotional wellbeing activities in school, for example, the student wellbeing champion might like to speak in assemblies about emotions or share pictures and stories to help other children understand emotions and feelings
  • Be in a student champions team, helping each other and going to group meetings to talk about being emotionally healthy in school


The children involved in being a Wellbeing Champion will get:


  • Workshops to learn about emotional wellbeing from Healthy Minds
  • Meetings throughout the term with Mrs Panting to develop their learning further
  • Support Groups
  • Certificates of Achievement


Our Student Wellbeing Champions Personal Qualities are:


  • Friendly                      
  • Helpful
  • Kind
  • Creative
  • Good listeners
  • Supportive of others
  • Understanding
  • Non judgemental
  • Good at being organised
  • Willing to learn about emotions and share new skills

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