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Bassingham Primary School has now converted to become an academy and has joined together to work with Sir William Robertson Academy. The Aspire Schools Trust was launched on Thursday 1st March 2018.


The Aspire Schools Trust is a highly innovative Lincolnshire-based Multi Academy Trust, educating pupils of all abilities from the ages of 4-18.  Currently consisting of Sir William Robertson Academy and Bassingham Primary School, our family of schools is set to grow and can see huge benefits for our community in the establishment of a successful and progressive cross-phase MAT, rather than one linked narrowly to the primary or secondary phase.



We are committed to delivering an outstanding education for all, irrespective of the starting points for our individual pupils.  The Trust is underpinned by our ASPIRE ethos and is driven by a clear moral purpose to play a key role in system-leadership, supporting developments in schools for the benefit of all pupils within the Trust and across the communities we serve. The schools within the Trust develop and collaborate to share best practice in order to raise achievement and aspirations for all pupils.


Children come first in all of our schools – this is our simple and non-negotiable message.


We genuinely believe that joining a MAT should not be a ‘one-size fits all’ model.  We want there to be a genuine discussion about what all schools joining us wish to gain from joining our Trust and what we can offer to enable this to happen.  Clearly this will be different for all schools as their unique contexts will all be very different.  However, we fundamentally believe that it is about improving each school from its starting point so that every school in the Trust can be judged to be at least ‘Good’ within a 12-18 month period, with all schools developing towards becoming ‘Outstanding.’


Unlike some Trusts, we do not believe in imposing a unified corporate identity upon schools which join with us.  We want our schools to be distinctive and proud of their individual characters and traditions rather than becoming carbon copies of each other, with a new and potentially alien ethos imposed upon them.  Our concern is not with consistency in signage, colours of carpets across schools or changing schools badges to reflect a Trust-wide identity.  We believe our schools should do the right things for the families and the communities they serve, but must share a belief with us that children (and improving their life chances) must be at the centre of everything they do and all of their decision-making.  Where unifying approaches make sense, these are things which we shall seek to implement in the best interests of our pupils.  One of the strengths of joining a wider Trust is that schools can concentrate on their core functions of educating and supporting their children.


Our school improvement processes are rigorous and underpinned by a demanding Performance Management process. Within our schools, we expect all teaching to be consistently good or better from all of our teachers.  We support all of our teachers to reach and maintain this threshold.


If you are a school or an academy interested in joining our family please contact our Headteacher Sam Betts or Mark Guest, Headteacher at Sir William Robertson Academy.


Our CEO is Mr Mark Guest


Aspire Schools Trust

C/o Sir William Robertson Academy
Main Road Welbourn


Phone: 01400 272422


Twitter: @swracademy


Aspire Schools Trust is a company limited by guarantee, registers in England and Wales

Company Registration Number 08208522