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Terrific Tigers

Welcome to The Terrific Tigers Class!



Welcome to The Terrific Tigers Class!


This page will give you some key information about our class and show you some of the amazing learning that takes place. You will also find useful information and links to help support your child at home.  


Teacher: Mrs A Gowrley

Teaching Assistant: Mrs T Symonds







Class Routines


  • Change reading book
  •  Spelling test. Don't forget to bring your spelling book to school






  • P.E. (please come to school in your P.E. kit).



  • Change reading book



Class Information



P.E. Lessons

We have our P.E. lessons on Thursday. Please come to school in your PE kit on these days.




New spellings will be placed into homework books on the Look, Cover, Write, Check worksheet each Monday for children to practice at home for a spelling test the following Monday. These spellings incorporate 8 words from the previous week’s phonics lessons and 2 common exception words. Spellings will also be shared weekly via the class website page. Children then need to choose 3 of the new spellings and put these into sentences in their homework book. Children must write their own sentences and not copy from an adult. Please use a pencil and concentrate on neat handwriting, finger spaces, capital letters and full stops.



A weekly Classroom Secrets homework sheet linked to the maths focus for the week can also be found within homework books.



It is really important to read for pleasure regularly at home. Please read the book that you take home from school as well as the books you have at home too. Try to read for a few minutes every day. All children also have books uploaded on Bug Club (Active Learn).


Purple Mash

There are lots of activities and tasks on Purple Mash, which we use for our Computing Curriculum that children can enjoy at home. Your child's login can be found in their Homework book.


Spelling for spelling test on Monday 22nd May


Blue Group                               Red group

sail                                                 blew

tail                                                 flew

aim                                                screw

rail                                                coat 

wait                                               boat

see                                                float

tree                                               bowl

seem                                              throw

sleep                                              grow

sheep                                             flow


We are currently recapping phonics sounds, so the selection of spellings chosen is the sounds the children have found particularly tricky.

There is also no maths this week but an additional phonics sheet.

There is a completed one stuck in homework books for guidance. Any problems please just let me know.


Our topic for this term is

Dinosaur Planet


Stomp, crash, roar! Watch out – there are dinosaurs about! Yes, that’s right, we’re travelling back in time to the age of the dinosaurs.


This half term, we’ll have a dinosaur workshop, look closely at ancient fossils and study reptiles to understand how dinosaurs may have lived and eventually died out. We’ll learn about the great fossil hunter, Mary Anning, and follow in her footsteps, studying dinosaur teeth and bones to find out what dinosaurs liked to eat. Learning dinosaur names, creating puzzling riddles, writing fantastic fact files and creating exciting dinosaur stories are some of the other activities we’ll be involved in this half term. We’ll also use our artistic skills to make model dinosaurs and to design dinosaur landscapes.


Help your child prepare for their project
Dinosaurs are fascinating! Why not visit the library, choose some dinosaur books and practise reading and writing dinosaur names together? Alternatively, research amazing dinosaur facts together online. You could also make a mini Jurassic Park from cardboard boxes and craft materials to make model dinosaurs feel at home!





Additional Home Activities