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Enrichment Afternoon

‘For any child, life remains a sea full of rich experiences just waiting to be explored’


At Bassingham Primary School we believe that children deserve access to a broad range of enrichment opportunities that will allow them to gain new experiences and skills. To turn this into reality, we will be starting an Enrichment Afternoon each Friday from 2.00pm - 3.00pm from January 2022 onwards. 


Pupils from Reception to Year 6 will choose to take part in a different activity each half-term. These activities will be delivered by members of staff from across school plus a number of outside providers. These activities have been chosen based on the children’s own interests and suggestions. The following Enrichment activities will be taking place after half-term:


Reception and Key Stage 1


Multi Skills

Cooking and Baking


Mad Science

Scooter Wise


Key Stage 2


Forest School



Performing Arts

Clay Modelling

Environmental Club



Via our new Enrichment Afternoon, we sincerely hope and look forward to watching the children flourish and develop in some of the activities outlined above. We will be taking plenty of photos during our new Enrichment Afternoon so keep a close eye on our school website over the next few months. These activities will allow us to bring the ‘extra-curricular’ into the school day to ensure all children are given the opportunity to try something new with the potential of finding something they excel within

This is what the children at Bassingham Primary School think about our new Enrichment Afternoon:


'I get to learn new things'

'They are fun I look forward to doing them'

'It is amazing, the best afternoon of the week!'

'I can be free and do things that I want to do'

'I always have a smile on my face, it makes me happy'

'I like being in different parts of the school with different people'

'I wouldn’t change it because it is great and the teachers have put a lot of work into it'

'It's perfect just the way it is'